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San Francisco, CA 94123
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Dr. Andrew Middleditch is a psychiatrist practicing in San Francisco. Educated at Harvard, trained at UCSF, and certified by the Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, he provides state of the art psychotherapy and medication treatment. As an Assistant Clinical Instructor at UCSF, he also teaches medical students.

Dr. Middleditch has many years of experience treating a wide variety of psychological and emotional difficulties with psychotherapy and/or medication. He also has a special interest and additional training in natural medicines and supplements. He is able to discern what approach to treatment—medication, natural medicines, or psychotherapy—are most likely to help his patients. Likewise, he listens to patient preferences and uses a collaborative approach to guide treatment decisions.

His areas of specialization include the treatment of mood disorders (including major depression and bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders (including obsessive-compulsive disorder), and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.